About RISE Denver

The RISE Denver bond package is a $450 million investment in critical infrastructure needs across Denver. This bond package is broken into five parts, with each bond measure addressing a different component of the package. All told, the package is set to create over 7,000 jobs and $1 billion in economic impact, helping Denver emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever. The RISE Denver package also puts community equity at the heart of this effort, ensuring no community is left behind.

Building new parks and libraries. Making our roads safer. Increasing accessibility to cultural landmarks like the Zoo, Botanic Gardens, and Museum of Nature and Science. Transforming the historic 1909 Building on the National Western Campus into a public market. Measures 2A-2E will fund these and dozens of other projects across the city to keep Denver the vibrant, diverse, and active place we love.

This year we have the opportunity to get Denver moving again after the devastating COVID-19 pandemic. Measures 2A-2E will deliver infrastructure improvements to power our recovery and help the people who need it the most. Vote yes on 2A-2E to strengthen our economy, provide shelter and housing for people experiencing homelessness, and lift up neighborhoods all across Denver. 

And it does all this while keeping tax rates the same.

Measures 2A-2E will address critical issues facing Denver, strengthen the city’s economy, and sustain it for years to come. Measures 2A-2E will fund 88 specific projects that target the most pressing concerns of Denver residents in the neighborhoods that need it most, as identified through a public input process that engaged thousands of Denver residents. 2A-2E will generate more than $1 billion in economic impact, create 7,500 good-paying jobs, and save taxpayers money by repairing and improving Denver’s infrastructure before it breaks. Together, we can support our past, invest in our future, and provide opportunity for ALL of our people by voting yes on 2A-2E.